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Don Hong-Oai

Don was born in Canton, China in 1929 and spent most of his life in Vietnam. As a young boy in Saigon he apprenticed at a photography studio. When he was not at the studio, he traveled and took photographs of the landscape. He stayed in Vietnam through the war, but fled by boat to California in 1979. He lived in San Francisco’s Chinatown where he had a small darkroom to create his photographs. While living the US he returned to China every few years to make new negatives. Only in the last few years of his life was his work discovered by a wider public, and he was kept very busy making prints for collectors across the US and elsewhere. Don died in June 2004.

The photographs of Don Hong-Oai are made in a unique style of photography, which can be considered Asian pictorialism. This method of adapting a Western art for Eastern purposes probably originated in the 1940s in Hong Kong. One of its best known practitioners was the great master Long Chin-San (who died in the 1990s at the age of 104) with whom Don Hong-Oai studied. With the delicate beauty and traditional motifs of Chinese painting (birds, boats, mountains, etc.) in mind, photographers of this school used more than one negative to create a beautiful picture, often using visual allegories. Realism was not a goal.

Don Hong-Oai was one of the last photographers to work in this manner. He is also arguably the best. He has won hundreds of awards given by photography societies throughout Asia and by international juries of Kodak and Nikon.

Don Hong-Oai - Pine Peak, Yellow Mountains
Pine Peak, Yellow Mountains
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Chewing, Vietnam, 1962
Chewing, Vietnam, 1962
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Winter Morning, Vietnam, 1965
Winter Morning, Vietnam, 1965
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Morning Work, 1970
Morning Work, 1970
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - In the Temple, 1967
In the Temple, 1967
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Sunning of Cloth, 1966
Sunning of Cloth, 1966
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Reeds, 1968
Reeds, 1968
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Playing with Hoops
Playing with Hoops
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Laughter, 1964
Laughter, 1964
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Irrigation, 1968
Irrigation, 1968
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - On the Sands, 1968
On the Sands, 1968
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - A Long Long Way, 1970
A Long Long Way, 1970
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Drying Cloth, 1964
Drying Cloth, 1964
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Father & Son, 1968
Father & Son, 1968
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Friends, 1964
Friends, 1964
8 x 10 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Crossing the Mountain
Crossing the Mountain
10 x 8 in.  
Don Hong-Oai - Buddah, 1964
Buddah, 1964
10 x 8 in.  

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Selected Solo Exhibitions
2000 Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA
Mumm's, Napa, CA
1998 Gallery 71, New York City
1995 The Ansel Adams Gallery, Pebble Beach, CA
1994 The Ansel Adams Gallery, Yosemite National Park, CA

Selected Collections
The Santa Barbara Museum of Art
International Center of Photography, New York
The Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA
The US Department of State, Art in Embassies Program
Numerous private and corporate collections including Sanwa Corporation,
R.R. Donnelly, Inc. and Prudential Securities

Biographical Information

International Federation of Photographic Art, Switzerland
Chinatown Photographic Society

Selected Publications

Dreams of China and Vietnam: Don Hong-Oai, Photos Gallery, Berkely, CA 2007
East is East: The Photography of Don Hong-Oai, Ken Kauffman, AUDOBON, June 2005
DOVE Magazine, South Korea, 2004
Asian Culture, South Korea, September 2003
Photographic Memories: Images of China and Vietnam, monograph, Custom and Limited Editions, 2002
Don Hong-Oai, American Way, April 1996, American Airlines Magazine
Don Hong-Oai, Hemispheres, April 1994, United Airlines Magazine
Don Hong-Oai, Photographers International, June 1993, Taipei, Taiwan
The Photographs of Don Hong-Oai – Double Edged Sword, Camera & Darkroom, May 1993